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Attention Pedigree and Commercial breeders

CogentFemale sexed semen from Sauvignon and Vigot calves are now on the ground, showing as high as 95% conception rate also 100% females on one farm.

Female sexed semen is the way forward now for pedigree and commercial beef farmers for animal welfare, ie. ease of calving on heifers also breeding your own replacements on farm reduces the risk of introducing diseases such as BVD, Johnes and Lepto which can occur when buying in replacements.

You the farmer have complete control of producing females from your own cows.

Sexed semen is available from Sauvignon and Vigot, they are the first two Limousin bulls in the World and the first beef bulls in the UK from which this service is available.

Sexed Semen Production

Cogent's Innes Drummond, Laboratory Manager demonstrates how from the point of bull collection to the separation of the sperm to get the heifer producing element with 91% purity.
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Sexed Semen Production Play Movie

Management Techniques

Pick up some tips from consultant vet Mike Christie, Lambert Leonard & May Vets on how we can make the most of sexed semen through improved insemination techniques and timing of insemination.

Sexed Semen Production Play Movie

Sexed Semen Milking Successes

Discover how Cheshire farmer John Roberts managed to achieve 14 out of 15 heifers
conceiving to sexed semen and his special cow that has hadseven calves from just nine sexed semen inseminations.

Sexed Semen Production Play Movie

Semen Distributors

Southern Ireland
Powerful Genetics
tel: (086) 0743931
Phillip Crowe
Phoenix Genetics P/L
tel: 0417 565 371
or 0427 341 458
Tony Simpson or Jim Bruce

Top Farms
Glubczyce Sp. z o. o.
ul. Boleslawa Chrobrego 23
48-100 Glubczyce
Anna Mikulska
tel: +48 (077) 4853056

ABS Deutschland
Tel: +31 (0)621 500 263
Fax: +31 (0) 793 615 797
Michel Ruijter

Dr Laszlo Popovics
Genemax Kft
2315 Szigethalom
Sugar u 16
Tel: 00 36304 803607>

South Africa
Roy Dixon
Xseed Genetics
box 26867
South Africa 9330

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